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Medway Sub-Aqua Clubs New Website

Welcome to Medway Sub-Aqua clubs new and improved website, our old website was in dire need of an update with outdated visuals and features that did not function the way we liked, along with the new look for the site we have also moved the site to a new host this allows us to provide an upgraded members area, gallery and events.

Gallery & Blog

This new site comes with a lovely revamped gallery to showcase all of the clubs dives and events, not only that we have this blog feature allowing you to post your dives along with pictures to the rest of the our members to see.


The revamped Events section allows us to organise large club events with ease, with an RSVP feature we can get a better idea on who is interested in going on club dives, sending out emails to those RSVP'd to provide updates and allow the purchase of dive events through our shop.

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