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Club & BSAC Benefits

Medway Sub-Aqua Club welcomes divers from all agencies (PADI, SSI, NAUI, CMAS etc) and all levels of experience. It is a fun place to learn and to enjoy regular diving as well as offering great social activities, weekend diving trips to inland or coastal sites and diving holidays.

When you join Medway Sub-aqua Club you automatically become a BSAC member and will immediately enjoy all the added benefits that BSAC membership has to offer. You will pay BSAC's annual membership subscription plus the club's yearly fees. The club's membership secretary will  complete all your joining paperwork and take your membership payment on BSAC's behalf.


Club membership costs £120 per year or £12 per month over 10 months

BSAC Membership costs from £45.50 - see full list of prices here
Membership prices as of 1st March 2023 (payment made via direct debit)

Club Membership Benefits

  • Air fills from the club owned compressor (£1 donation per tank)

  • Free Equipment hire of club owned scuba diving equipment

  • Pool access - Fortnightly on a Tuesday we have access to the Medway park leisure centre (Blacklion leisure centre) main 4M dive pit (requires £3 entry fee to Medway Park)

  • In house training - a flexible and cost-effective way to learn to scuba dive, with fully qualified BSAC instructors

  • Access to the club 'RIB' boat

  • Regular scuba diving - Dives arranged for most weekends to suit every level of experience

  • Buddies that want to dive - with a large membership there are always club members looking for a dive

BSAC Membership Benefits

BSAC members get access to exclusive scuba and snorkelling related benefits and prices.

  • Access to diving training and safety recommendations.

  • Feel part of a community sharing the same passion and making a positive difference to UK scuba diving.

  • Support work to safeguard the UK’s precious waters and marine life and protect British underwater heritage for divers.

  • Support campaigning and other initiatives, we work to protect the interests of our members and other scuba divers

  • Dive kit discounts

  • Dive travel discounts

  • Insurance discounts

  • Specialist course discounts

  • Access to BSAC Plus

  • FREE Worldwide Third-Party Liability insurance, up to the value of £10m

  • Scuba Magazine

  • 10% off BSAC Shop

Not yet a member? Enquire today here

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